Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease which affects around 125 million peoples all over world. Although characterized by red, scaling patches of skin, living with psoriasis can have a profound psychological and social impact. Individuals may feel “ on display” or that they have to approach life in a different way from other people. Few people, however, talk publically about having the condition as it can be considered embarrassing and unsightly. Because psoriasis is much more than a simple skin complaint, it can have a significant impact upon an individual’s quality of life. For some people it can be life ruining. Psoriasis club serve as a valuable resource and support mechanism for individuals who share the common, often hidden, burden of living with psoriasis. This club devoted to the needs of people with psoriasis, will help them feel less isolated and give them a true sense of community, of not being alone. Patients coming together can share information with their peers and the disease, provide support and give each other hope. After all, it is the patients themselves that suffer from the direct effects and consequences of psoriasis on their quality of life. Psoriasis club asks its for more understanding of psoriasis as a disability and its impact on individuals and society. It will highlight the different barriers and challenges that people with psoriasis face and to overcome. People suffering from psoriasis should not have to face discrimination, stigma, denied access to health care or fewer economic opportunities due to having psoriasis. This chronic autoimmune disease can be financially, physically and emotionally burdensome. This club will act by breaking down barriers everyday by writing about their experiences and sharing important information with their peer’s and expert advice from dermatologists. At last, we can say our aim is to provides information, advice and support to those whose lives are affected by psoriasis and to raise awareness about psoriasis.

Prof Mohammad Samiul Huq

Founder Organizer

Psoriasis Awareness Club