In classic advertising brochures and on various websites, the 7 zones are offered as a special feature in a mattress. 7 zones are not a quality feature at all.

There are three zones that are important. These are the shoulder zone, waist zone, and pelvic zone. Since these zones are not standardized – as well as degrees of hardness – the zoning for each mattress is different.

This means that the zones have to fit like a tailored suit to your body. If the shoulder zone is too tight and the pelvic zone too soft, you lie like a question mark on the mattress and get back pain.

Even an indication of 9 or 5 zones is not a quality feature. It’s always about the three zones described above, which are important!

What are mattresses foams?

There are no limits to the imagination here. Foaming you have to imagine how to cook. We put different things in a pot, it is bubbling and in the end, we have – in this case – foam. If we put the foam with gel granules, we have gel foam; we take silicone oil, we have visco foam.

Every child needs a name and that’s the same with foam. Each manufacturer has foam with other ingredients and sells this foam then especially great.

Foam is a chemical composition based on petroleum. Incidentally, with quality products completely free of pollutants and without fumes.

The exact definition of cold foam

Cold foam soft foam or HR foam is like the conventional standard foam also polyurethane foam (PU or PUR). Compared to standard foam, HR foam (HR = high resilient) uses raw materials that give the foam a more elastic behavior. Another name for HR foam is also cold foam.

What should I look for in a cold foam mattress?

Depending on the model, the zones in a cold foam mattress are created by incisions, material removal, layers or different types of foam. The result is an almost infinite number of ways to build a mattress.

The more intensive the processing of the foam, the better the adaptability.

Only with good advice from a certified sleep consultant will you find the right mattress. Statements from third parties or test results you can forget confidently.

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What the right level of stabilization of the waterbed is for you depends on a number of factors.

Your personal preference

Would you like to sink in comfortably or rather less? This depends in part on the stabilization of the waterbed, but also the filling has an influence on it. You can influence this by the amount of water.

Test for yourself what is comfortable for you:

  • To sink deeper: let out buckets of water
  • Lower sink: Fill in buckets of water

Do you prefer a longer movement or not? You have the choice between the following options:

  • Move more: lower stabilization
  • Less follow-up: more stabilization

Your current sleeping situation

What kind of mattress do you have? Do you sleep on a “normal” mattress or do you sleep on a water mattress? Do you prefer less or more stabilization?

You can not answer all these questions? No problem! We have enough stabilization to provide you with equivalent stabilization at all times, at least if you want the same stabilization as in your previous bed.

Your body

Everybody is individual and each body needs slightly different support. If you are a little heavier, it is recommended to choose a higher stabilization level, supplemented by lumbar support. So your body weight is well distributed over the bed, your hips do not sink too low and your back stays straight. Your weight matters, but so does your partner’s. If you and your partner have more than 15 kilos of weight difference, we strongly recommend a duo mattress system to give you both the right support for your body

Possible physical complaints

The most common reasons for switching to a waterbed are back problems. Many people with back problems say that a good level of stabilization helps you. What also matters with proper stabilization is whether you can get out of bed easily or hard. A lower stabilization level makes getting up difficult. Do you have a quick neck or backache?

For such complaints, we often recommend stabilization with lumbar support. The additional support on the lower back, you sink less deep into the mattress and your back (and neck) remains straight.

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Everybody wants to be refreshed and well rested. Unfortunately, physical complaints such as back pain often put an end to this wishful thinking. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you turn back and forth at night and do not find a soothing position? Then it’s time for a waterbed: good for your back and a proven secret for a healthy night’s sleep.


Many people, especially people with back problems, find it difficult to find a good mattress. How do you recognize a good mattress? Is this hard or soft, or very firm? Sleep studies show that a good mattress can be identified with the right support.

This molds itself to your body and provides stable support without tiring pressure points, excessive heat or other reasons that disturb the night’s sleep. Such a bed that lets people float has been around for years and is currently making a real comeback … the waterbed.

Waterbed & back problems

A waterbed and back problems are in practice a golden duet. Your back is supported on a waterbed in the best way possible. On a “normal” mattress, even with a soft foam mattress, you usually suffer from painful pressure points.

For example on the hips, because they are heavier than the rest of the body. As a result, your back hangs or pushes it too hard on the mattress. A waterbed reduces the pressure on the surface and prevents your discomfort from getting worse. After some time, many people even realize that your back problems are decreasing.

Calming, bruises and temperature

When it comes to back problems, there are a few things to keep in mind. Among other things, the correct stability of the bed. The heaviest part of the body must be able to sink well into the waterbed, but with optimal support and little movement. It is also important that you do not get any uncomfortable pressure sores in your back. For example, on the hips or shoulder blades. Finally, temperature also plays an important role. Too much cold causes stiff muscles, too much heat is bad for inflamed tendons and joints. With a waterbed, you can set the optimum temperature yourself.

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Whether for your home, motor home, your boat or your caravan – lying areas are not always in standard dimensions and not always square. Therefore, you can specify the dimensions for your slatted frame on these pages and order it directly online. We also offer mattresses in special sizes that you can also configure online.

Our slatted frames promise optimal sleeping comfort – a good mattress is not enough to do so without the appropriate spring suspension. Only the combination ensures a really restful night and prevents back pain or other complaints.

Unfortunately, many people who need a special slatted base choose the first offer they can get – they are happy to have found a suitable product at all. However, luck can quickly turn into the opposite, if the product is inferior and literally robs you of sleep.

Sleep well while traveling

You like to enjoy your holiday in your caravan or motor home because you love the freedom to spend your holiday where you want? Then you should not forget that good and healthy sleep makes your holiday much better. Anyone who has had the misfortune to be unable to sleep well on vacation knows this very well.

A restful night allows an active day. Fatigue or cramps on the other hand rob any holiday feeling. To avoid this, you should not give up the usual good sleep while traveling and consider the purchase of a custom built slatted frames and mattresses in special sizes – so the trip is also much more fun.

The same applies, of course, to those who are happy owners of their own boat and prefer to travel with them. All unusual sleeping accommodations require custom sleeping places to ensure nocturnal regeneration. You can buy top rated mattress for back pain from our website.

The right choice for “living acrobats”

Living acrobats with an unconventional and modern interior often need and look for unique pieces that match their unique ambiance. For example, if you want to place your sleeping space in a very rounded corner, you will not be able to avoid a special order. With us, you will find these effortlessly and in the highest quality – just enter online dimensions and order.

One of the key areas of considerations while buying a mattress is that of the material involved in its construction. These days, the market has the availability of mattresses in various materials, and each of these items comes with its own pros and cons. You should pick the material, considering its suitability with your body feature as well as with your style of sleeping. This way, you can easily pick the mattress that can offer you the optimum comfort and convenience. Here come some of the choices on the material used for the construction of the mattress.

Foam mattress

When you are using layered mattresses made with foam, you will enjoy certain pros and cons alike. The best part about the foam mattresses is that it takes the shape of the body,and thus, these mattresses can support all types of sleeping style. These mattresses can offer the optimum comfort and support at the right place. On the other hand, the downside of the foam mattresses is that they retain heat, in between the layers. Hence, especially the users with higher body weight can experience significant troubles and discomfort, sleeping on these mattresses. So, if your body weight is towards the higher side, ensure that you pick the firmer versions of foam mattresses.

Latex Mattress

You can either opt for the ones that are made with natural latex, or the ones that are made with artificial latex. As for the third category, there are the ones that are made with the combination of natural and artificial latex. The ones made with natural latex are more robust, and hence, endures for longer span. Likewise, these mattresses will never ever trigger allergies, as expected from the ones, made with artificial and synthetic materials. However, the cost of the mattresses made with natural latex is towards the higher sides. You can refer toThebest-mattress.org for more information in this regard.

If you don’t have constraints on the budget, you can even opt for the Hybrid mattresses that are basically the combination of the foam and latex material, and thus, includes the worthiness in both these worlds.

After doing lot of work either in the day or in the night one needs to have the body to have rest so that one cannot get sick or any harm to their body. It has been observed that there are people that are often using the mattress on their bed that are very old fashioned. If you are one of those people that are using such old mattress then it is time to get one of the best mattresses that will surely provide you the best comfort of sleep. But! Where to find such mattresses? The mattress, that must be durable, affordable and haves the features that are all for the great comfortable sleep. The mattress must come under the budget of ordinary people so that they are able to enjoy the best experience of sleep and have their life full of freshness.

If you will search in the market then it is sure that it is not an easy job to find the right place that you can have your mattress that is suitable according your style, design and size. The best way of searching the proper kind of place that will surely save time is the internet online market. Today more than 85% of people are doing online shopping. There is no doubt that internet has provide the best comfort to bye or sell anything without any interruption. Online purchasing of thing is very easy and also that can save the money and time.

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Are you willing to grab a deal on the latex mattress? Have you gone through the updates for the sale time? If not, then search on the web regarding every particular update. With advancement, internet technology came as a beneficial innovation for everyone. Similarly, the mattress industry also picked up huge developments. With such advancements, people get to choose to within a wide variety of options. Though, there is great confusion in the mind of customers to reach a final option.

Maintain a proper sleeping schedule

What kind of comfort is suitable for your health? This is an important question to consider before moving to the next step. If you’re not able to pick a right comfort or firm level, then you might end up in a wrong decision. For your kids, it is important that they sleep early and enjoy their comfort during sleeping hours. With human body development, many stages arrive which involves more or less sleeping hours. So, it is essential that the sleeping environment is kept within a proper standard. 

You can maintain your sleep quality by keeping a planned schedule for sleep timing. If you’re missing the crucial sleeping hours every day, then you’re likely to face health troubles at such an early age. It is a good option that you keep up your sleep routine for every day in a proper way. Don’t give a welcoming invitation to any of the health problems. You can go and search onthebest-mattress.org for best results. 

Are you getting the right level of comfort during the night?

The comfort level is an important factor which affects sleep quality. The people who are facing back pain or lower pain problems should give utmost attention to the mattress comfort level. If your mattress is not supporting you while sleeping, then it is not the right surface for you. The mattress acts as magic to cure your stiff shoulder or neck. So, it is crucial to carry some knowledgeable facts before investing in any mattress.