What the right level of stabilization of the waterbed is for you depends on a number of factors.

Your personal preference

Would you like to sink in comfortably or rather less? This depends in part on the stabilization of the waterbed, but also the filling has an influence on it. You can influence this by the amount of water.

Test for yourself what is comfortable for you:

  • To sink deeper: let out buckets of water
  • Lower sink: Fill in buckets of water

Do you prefer a longer movement or not? You have the choice between the following options:

  • Move more: lower stabilization
  • Less follow-up: more stabilization

Your current sleeping situation

What kind of mattress do you have? Do you sleep on a “normal” mattress or do you sleep on a water mattress? Do you prefer less or more stabilization?

You can not answer all these questions? No problem! We have enough stabilization to provide you with equivalent stabilization at all times, at least if you want the same stabilization as in your previous bed.

Your body

Everybody is individual and each body needs slightly different support. If you are a little heavier, it is recommended to choose a higher stabilization level, supplemented by lumbar support. So your body weight is well distributed over the bed, your hips do not sink too low and your back stays straight. Your weight matters, but so does your partner’s. If you and your partner have more than 15 kilos of weight difference, we strongly recommend a duo mattress system to give you both the right support for your body

Possible physical complaints

The most common reasons for switching to a waterbed are back problems. Many people with back problems say that a good level of stabilization helps you. What also matters with proper stabilization is whether you can get out of bed easily or hard. A lower stabilization level makes getting up difficult. Do you have a quick neck or backache?

For such complaints, we often recommend stabilization with lumbar support. The additional support on the lower back, you sink less deep into the mattress and your back (and neck) remains straight.

If you still want to know more, you can get it from the thebest-mattress blog.