Whether for your home, motor home, your boat or your caravan – lying areas are not always in standard dimensions and not always square. Therefore, you can specify the dimensions for your slatted frame on these pages and order it directly online. We also offer mattresses in special sizes that you can also configure online.

Our slatted frames promise optimal sleeping comfort – a good mattress is not enough to do so without the appropriate spring suspension. Only the combination ensures a really restful night and prevents back pain or other complaints.

Unfortunately, many people who need a special slatted base choose the first offer they can get – they are happy to have found a suitable product at all. However, luck can quickly turn into the opposite, if the product is inferior and literally robs you of sleep.

Sleep well while traveling

You like to enjoy your holiday in your caravan or motor home because you love the freedom to spend your holiday where you want? Then you should not forget that good and healthy sleep makes your holiday much better. Anyone who has had the misfortune to be unable to sleep well on vacation knows this very well.

A restful night allows an active day. Fatigue or cramps on the other hand rob any holiday feeling. To avoid this, you should not give up the usual good sleep while traveling and consider the purchase of a custom built slatted frames and mattresses in special sizes – so the trip is also much more fun.

The same applies, of course, to those who are happy owners of their own boat and prefer to travel with them. All unusual sleeping accommodations require custom sleeping places to ensure nocturnal regeneration. You can buy top rated mattress for back pain from our website.

The right choice for “living acrobats”

Living acrobats with an unconventional and modern interior often need and look for unique pieces that match their unique ambiance. For example, if you want to place your sleeping space in a very rounded corner, you will not be able to avoid a special order. With us, you will find these effortlessly and in the highest quality – just enter online dimensions and order.