In classic advertising brochures and on various websites, the 7 zones are offered as a special feature in a mattress. 7 zones are not a quality feature at all.

There are three zones that are important. These are the shoulder zone, waist zone, and pelvic zone. Since these zones are not standardized – as well as degrees of hardness – the zoning for each mattress is different.

This means that the zones have to fit like a tailored suit to your body. If the shoulder zone is too tight and the pelvic zone too soft, you lie like a question mark on the mattress and get back pain.

Even an indication of 9 or 5 zones is not a quality feature. It’s always about the three zones described above, which are important!

What are mattresses foams?

There are no limits to the imagination here. Foaming you have to imagine how to cook. We put different things in a pot, it is bubbling and in the end, we have – in this case – foam. If we put the foam with gel granules, we have gel foam; we take silicone oil, we have visco foam.

Every child needs a name and that’s the same with foam. Each manufacturer has foam with other ingredients and sells this foam then especially great.

Foam is a chemical composition based on petroleum. Incidentally, with quality products completely free of pollutants and without fumes.

The exact definition of cold foam

Cold foam soft foam or HR foam is like the conventional standard foam also polyurethane foam (PU or PUR). Compared to standard foam, HR foam (HR = high resilient) uses raw materials that give the foam a more elastic behavior. Another name for HR foam is also cold foam.

What should I look for in a cold foam mattress?

Depending on the model, the zones in a cold foam mattress are created by incisions, material removal, layers or different types of foam. The result is an almost infinite number of ways to build a mattress.

The more intensive the processing of the foam, the better the adaptability.

Only with good advice from a certified sleep consultant will you find the right mattress. Statements from third parties or test results you can forget confidently.

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